Peony (RMX)

by Arte Magnus



Something to hold you off until Tales drops. Enjoy


In love with this, through it all.
Writer's block got me going through withdrawals.
God told me go full throttle with the pen:
It might all end tomorrow.
I'm nine years short in this rental because of my mental, no sorrow.
Just ride with me, vibe with the flowetry; know that the power is ours.
Notebook filling since the ninth grade. Young sinner, silly with the syllables in nightshade. When the moon waned, I hulked out for Bruce's pain.
Funny guy with no job: RIP Tommy Ford. Only luxury we can't afford is time, so how the fuck could you spend it all snoring, or
Avoiding pressure, not pressed for success, while you wanna be someone they look at impressed.
Best, believe it's a process, and failure is part of the progress. We weren't put on this Earth to be perfect so yearning for that shit is unwanted stress. Sound like a teacher, but these are just words from the mirror that we can all live by. At best, fight for a purpose and work past the hurt for more thrills, or it's 9-to-5 chilling I guess.
Not judgmental. Used to love metal till Hip-Hop told me don't settle with solos on guitar. That riffing is dope and you're kicking it with your own rhythm but you haven't spoke. So open the pad to a blank page, and feel free to let them shackles go, then, come back to me in a few years with more focus and lyrics the people should know, LIKE.
We gon' be alright! If you want it,you can get it for the rest of your life. Before I die, I'mma touch the sky or see all of the lights. With all this barking you know someone gon' bite! Floating on soundclouds, my American right. Trial and error till I'm all up in their audio right? Till it's sold out shows, all the girls going crazy in the front row: That'll be a helluva night! Part of an Amazing race that whiteamerica hates, but you know we won't stop. Evolving the culture, insulting the vultures through excellence: often our natural grace. Often off-kilter and losing my balance and pace: man, that shit is a challenge. Worth it as long as i'm never complacent and get to dance with wifey under constellations like!

2step, 2step, Black kings and queens don't forget

You are the

You are the best

When put to the test, don't forget you're the

Really feel like the fun has just begun. If our people ain't stalling and going all in, we can have everything under the sun. Everything under the, everything under the sun. Ok, alright, now I'm done.
Tales in the Hourglass coming soon, like this month...
Or sometime before June.


released November 28, 2016
Produced by KMB



all rights reserved


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Arte Magnus New Jersey

Somewhere vibin & suriving. Enjoy the art

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