World In A Whirlpool

by Arte Magnus



What a world we live in.


Making a stage for the pages that'll never end.
Born to be great, at least every soul gets a single chance
Bad decisions, good intentions, rollercoaster life.
Fighting inferno while satan saving the last dance.
Last laugh to the king that set a great ledger. Tell Heath, out the belfry flew the final bat. Hell keeps track of the ones on the edge of defeat.
Matching the passion of basement beats in the past. I see the peak, or the rise at least, it never left my senses. Must be the reason I cared more about lyrics than mentions. Must be the reason why sharpened focus ain't pointless. Shifted my inner scope, the aftermath was truer lenses.
Heavy steps on the cracked pavement that we're based in. Sky hasn't shined the bluest in the past days in. Mind bloodshot for the page that's not in blazes. Hate to forget this endless marathon needs pacing.
Fat chains and hot wheels keep my races placated. Our style's hating until it's appropriated. They'd rather choke and degrade us, deflate our hope. As a basis, we gotta love every melanin neighbor, at least embrace them.
They profit off division, see the split in our pride. If you can't rock the mic or shoot like mike, you're not meant to fly. Our wings never leave us: Society mastered disguise and feed us visions of the lifted, flatfooted we try, to duplicate their perfect mistake.
We've been programmed to hate our own paint and doubt the canvas.
Dying for reality outside of love & h-i-p. Dreams hop out the pad until our unity's 3-D. Young in the game: they still need to see ID. Well let's make sure the haters get a front row seat, Ay What you think?

Justifying that the pen is mightier than the sword.
Birthed in a world in a whirlpool of law & disorder.
My vices ordering me to ignore my priorities. In order to be kings of the world, we must release.
Peace for a piece of history: enshrined in excellence for centuries. Sent to be your guidance, know you'll be vibing eventually.
Crazy how it all spins in this life of sin.
Man what a world we live in.


released June 20, 2016
Produced by Poetic Killa
Featuring Oari Biko



all rights reserved


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Arte Magnus New Jersey

Somewhere vibin & suriving. Enjoy the art

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