by Arte Magnus



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Transition, the lessons
Never came quick like a fast break. Life a marathon: why they in a race?
Took 21 years to see clear: the crystal is living in love with no fear.
You got time to shed tears. I got time to push gears.
Is there really time to rest? Catch a breath when I'm check'd up, with every loan
paid & clear. Senior year upon me.
Pen the life for reprieve. 9 to 5 enemy.
Lamotrigne to trim to crazy, and keep my sanity in check: Nike.
Low key but I opened doors. Why you quitting? Bullshitting I'm sure.
"I'm really not joking" said loki to Thor. Hella fish in the see while you still at the shore. Hard to ignore: the hunger and knowing you're built to eat the world, but
Not ready for more. Sleep on you everyday like they're breathing in sedatives.
Feed on his heart knowing his giving limitless.
Don't open hands for the payback. Learned way back when, that don't breed real friends. Won't take your money, but you can feed me. This essay ain't nothing if
We can succeed.
Did it for you why the fuck couldn't you just continue the cycle? Guess after you
clean the carcass, why have bones to recycle? No point in being salty you did me
Bad no Michael. Before the gun down, I wish I saw the rifle.
Lesson learned, take your turn, ain't no point in a stumble.
Y'all throw each other over ropes like royal rumbles.
They kill your creativity, then justify it but showing they're happier with you lying in a pile of shit.

All the vultures love me. Picking from me's easy. Stemming from the fear of being stingy and cheap like my Grandpops; that it's gotta be. What am I to be?
Your favorite, global consensus. Got pretty far without any real mentor.
Know that if you don't treat your girl right, you're out of style, no Anna Wintour.
Fashioned to be your reactant when running with bloody feet, please let me be your tenactin.
I see that your muscles been growing. If they never notice, in this opus, know you're my passion. My reason to never let go until God calls me home. I hope you're at my show. Tell Mama, you saw a legend unfold.
"Ma he looked just like me. I swear he touched my soul".
Gotta give it your limit, then right at the brink, let go of inhibitions.
Really ain't no point in fearing a change that'll make you greater, fuck a critic or hater. Everyone wanna be happy, regardless of race, religion, or sexuality.
Gun us down, but you'll never kill the spirit of us all being free.
Six years in the making. You can call this basement patience: I had to learn.
Still need a honey worth more than a twerk.
Before life's a movie, gotta make sure the dream works.


released August 9, 2016
Produced by Astre



all rights reserved


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Arte Magnus New Jersey

Somewhere vibin & suriving. Enjoy the art

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