Undefeated (Feat. Tar​!​k & Shawn Crysis)

by Arte Magnus



Produced by Poetic Killa


(AM Verse)
So face the music: power oozing from the monsoon showers. Love & repetition the difference in Kings and cowards. Had a hate/love relationship with pain, but when the shine in your palms like a spirit bomb, no way to contain. Can we refrain from not enjoying life, and take a second to feel the blessing of being energized enough to breathe?
Success is paced: why you rushing? We're not in Moscow. For any fans I have out there, pleased don't cuss me out. Just trying to show that this world is deranged, embracing the strange. To love the story you gotta enjoy every page. Laying in a cycle of self doubt & low esteem, dwelling in hell with no wishing well, praying for a way out.
Never stray from the formula, the passion in your DNA and break away from those that go day 2 day living through the latest he and she say.
Stay green with envy of every passerby; never trying to get their own, so pacified. Satan lied and you denied the truth. Fuck what's promised: no point in loving stars when Hollywood's never been honest. Sell your soul for profit, authenticity plummets, but if the radio and clubs spin it, they gonna love it. Bleeding out soul to reach the summit some will never witness. Either I'll top your playlist or end up on every hit list. Nevertheless the best will leave his signature before the final rest. Undefeated feeling: taming challengers like they my pets. WHAAT


released May 31, 2016



all rights reserved


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Arte Magnus New Jersey

Somewhere vibin & suriving. Enjoy the art

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